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Sandsational - George Sands
Sandsational - George Sands
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Sandsational - George Sands

Routine #1: Sandsational Rope
17 pages / 32 Illustrations
Average performance time: 4-1/2 minutes
Written and Illustrated by George Sands
Of all the magic published by George Sands, Sandational Rope is the one that established his greatest reputation. Originally written before WWII, this routine remains the second most popular rope routine ever created (second only to The Professor's Nightmare, aka 'The 3 Rope Trick').

This sequence of moves along with the patter has won countless magic competitions. This routine was the opening of George Sands' comedy magic act for over 50 years. It was performed on shows hosted by Paul Daniels and Dick Cavett. David Copperfield used a variation of it for years, modified to suit the concert stage.

Sandsational Rope has withstood the test of time. It can be performed as close-up, walk around, or as a parlor routine. The entire routine consists of simple and basic moves, easy enough for a 12-year-old to learn. The flow from one move to the next and the cutting and restoring of the same rope four times is the premise and routine that will enhance any performer's repertoire.

Whether performed in part or entirely, once you master this rope trick you will have a routine that you will depend on as one of your mainstays the rest of your career.

Routine #2: Ropesational
33 pages / 105 Illustrations
Average performance time: 2-1/2 minutes
Written by George Sands, Illustrated by Ed Michell

This trick was created so that you do not have to cut a piece of rope each time you do the routine. Its advantage over Sandsational Rope is that you need only one piece of rope. No scissors are required, and the trick can be set up (under a table, for example) in less than 30 seconds, and performed repeatedly.

Many of the moves created for this routine have become classics and no one realizes where they came from. These include using your fingers to cut a rope, showing a rope with no ends (an endless loop), and others.

The Ropesational routine requires more skill than Sandsational Rope and is faster paced. It is not as funny as Sandsational Rope, but it will leave the audience Wow!'d by the variety of moves involved and the astonishing things that happen as you manipulate the rope. This routine can be performed silently or with patter.

Ropesational is excellent for walk-a-round, parlor, stage, and TV or video. The rope is cut and restored five times, the ends of the rope switch places with the center, the rope is stretched, and newly tied knots seem to slide, multiply, jump, and vanish.

Routine #3: Needless Threading
11 pages / 26 Illustrations
Average performance time: 1-2 minutes
Written and illustrated by George Sands

The origins of this trick are not original, but all the variations were developed by George Sands after I (his son, Alan) discovered one variation. This trick is an excellent way of showing that the Ropesational rope is normal and not gimmicked, and it adds another minute or two to the Ropesational routine using the same rope. It is suitable only for a close audience, or close-up TV/video.
A rope is wrapped around the thumb. A small loop is made with one end sticking above the thumb. A length is left hanging. The hanging length is magically laced through a small loop of rope left sticking up above the thumb. Like "threading a needle", the end is held and swoosh! passes through the tiny loop of rope and is shown to be threaded.

One end is passed through, then two ends are passed through the same hole.

The ends are tied together and then one is passed through the loop.

Two loops are left above the thumb and the rope is magically passed through one, then the other, then the second end is passed through both.

Finally, two ends are held by a volunteer, and they are then laced through the small loop

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