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Illusion Systems - Osborne
Illusion Systems - Osborne
Item Number: BA4920

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Illusion Systems - Osborne

Paul has a vast experience in the theme park industry and has had to build most if not all of his specialty illusions, specifically designed for each venue. Now he shares this valuable and incredible information with you.
Not only will this series save you money it will educate you in the art of selecting illusions, the care and feeding and much more. If you are handy in the shop, you will be able to build many of these for your own use, saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you do not have the resources to build them, you are directed to those that can.

These books are a treasure trove of information for the beginning illusionist as well as the seasoned performer.

Book 1
7 easy to build illusions

Book 2
building plans for the Lion and Cobra (great stage trick for kids), Tony Spina's Suspension on Silks, The Cabana Production Illusion, DeKolta Chair Vanish, The Ark of Tibet, Orbs (A giant Strat-O-Spheres built into an illusion), Bullet Proof Girl, Dinner For Two (a great full dinner table production), The Prisoner's Dream, She's Come Undone (combination Girl without a Middle and Zig Zag), The Misplaced Maiden (Topsy Turvy Girl), Stretcher Illusion, The Witch Doctor Illusion , and the Bio-Tron Illusion,

Book 3
Plans for some very portable illusions called "Quickies" such as the Toy Box Miracle, Poof Production, Crystal Case, Flower Girl, Costume Case, and The Sacrifice by Masklyn ye Mage. Some of the larger illusion plans include Noel Cowards' Comedy Sawing in Half, Emperor's Tea Chest, Great Ape Escape, Multi Media, Hindoo Screens, Stan Allen's Broom Suspension Plus, Passkey Illusion, Woodbury's Vertical Shadow Box, Lady Iluma (light bulbs thru girl), Hades Table Levitation, and Diamond Blade of Baghdad. There are also chapters on Building Tips by Bill Smith, Using Hardwoods by Scott Davis, Performing Illusions by Doug Anderson, Do It Different by David Ginn, Spring Hinges by Ed Verba, and Fast Paint Finishes by Paul Osborne. As a special treat there is a complete section w with schematics on the Light Bulbs thru Girl as featured by Blackstone.

Book 4
This is the the fourth Illusion System Book written and illustrated by Paul Osborne. He has once again introduced a great book for the would be do-it-yourself illusionist that wants to create his/her own illusion set ups. Mr. Osborne has included detailed instructions and illustrations that enable the reader to see the complete techincal aspects behind great illusions such as Abbott's Guillotine, Phantasmo, The Goodbye Girl, The Vampire Illusion, See Thru Strait Jacket, and many, many more.

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