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Definitive Sankey (3 Book and 1 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic
Item Number: BA7963

4 stars


Definitive Sankey (3 Book and 1 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic

Definitive Sankey (3 Book and 1 DVD set) by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic

1600 pages. 500 tricks. 3 volumes. 1 mind. Welcome to The Definitive Sankey.

Four years ago we (Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin) embarked on a literary journey to describe the very best of Jay Sankey's enormous body of work. The idea was simple: if you eliminate the weak tricks from Jay's unparalleled output of DVDs, books, tricks, and web videos, what you're left with is a largely undiscovered treasure trove of magic-much of it without playing cards.

What we didn't anticipate is that the project would take nearly four years of constant work to complete. This project is the largest, most comprehensive collection of one person's magic ever released at one time. And the material is so, so, so good.

Do you like tricks with borrowed bills? There are over THIRTY effects with borrowed bills. Mentalism? A whole chapter devoted to the subject. What about impromptu card magic? Over SEVENTY such effects.

If you were to buy all of Jay's books and releases separately, the total would exceed $6000. Finally, you can own the best of the best-the well-known Sankey classics, the updated handlings on your favorite effects, and hundreds of amazing miracles you have never heard of...all in one collection, for 150 dollars.

Better still, every trilogy will also come with a feature-length DVD performing and teaching what was voted by editors as the "best" of The Definitive Sankey. Three massive hardbound volumes and one DVD ...all for 150 dollars (or 60 dollars per book separately).

Each book is hardbound, fully-indexed, and printed on treated paper in gorgeous two-color rendering.

You will find the best of all his material, including the hard-to-find books, out-of-print videos, and DVDs. Even his theory masterpiece, Beyond Secrets, is included.

Thousands of crisp photographs were taken to make learning Sankey's magic as informative and easy as possible.

We asked ten innovative magicians (including Richard Sanders, David Regal, Rune Klan and more) to list their ten favorite Sankey effects and why they chose them. Each of their curated lists are included in the book, so you can see what others find most interesting about Sankey.

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Now I should note, that I've only had these books for about 2 weeks now or so. But I've a solid 80 hours reading through them. I spent more time on particular areas - but did get a precursory read of every trick in the book. A lot of it is great stuff, some of it is okay. And I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time exploring this in more depth. But I do have some initial impressions that perhaps may be useful to some.... My positive commentary - A lot of effects had very helpful photos as reference - more so than an ordinary book. The pictures were generally well thought out to be purposeful. The book is also broken into sections rather helpfully, and explanations are for the most part well thought out and beneficially repetitive or should I say clearly identifying (which I find useful as a learning tool). I liked that works are, generally speaking, cited explicitly and well(in case you wish to learn more about something outside of this collection). I found a lot of the ideas refreshing (especially in certain areas that I use a lot of in real world application, which showed me a new angle to think about or a slightly different more magical approach). The DVD is useful too and helps a lot with key strategic ideas, etc. The build quality of the books is great. Feels like a college textbook. I also liked that its not just a "book of tricks" its also thought provoking in a lot of ways be! tween the commentaries and essays found throughout - which I think anyone who truly wishes to STUDY magic will thoroughly enjoy and think about. Id say for someone such as myself, or maybe you, who doesn't want to just learn tricks but wants to study and think about magic (almost academically) its worth the 150. So far I think I've gotten plenty of real utility from them, and with some more time studying will definitely get my money's worth. My negative commentary - I didn't like how a lot of explanation of effects used magic jargon/terminology in important places that was not cited for reference purposes (such as perform "this" move here and then "that" move there, without really explaining "this or that" or giving a page reference to look it up). Perhaps for a magic geek who went to real life Hogwarts or clown/magic college would find this criticism bogus - but I consider myself fairly experienced, passionate, and learned about magic and I did have bits that were hard to follow. I also found that there were quite a lot of tricks that did not have pictures (even though it seemed like there "should" have been). I think being "definitive" every single item should have had at least a single picture or even a schematic for reference? maybe i'm wrong but that's my thought. There's a lot of advanced, highly technical and rediculous card manipulations that I find to be completely useless in a real world setting - ! but you may enjoy. Having said that - there's a lot of easy to do card manipulations where I truly believe being 'easy' does not mean ineffective or less convincing. All in all I'm happy I got this collection and have enjoyed it so far and will continue to apply true effort studying it. As a student of magic I'd say its necessary to be exposed to it, be aware of it, and familiar with certain items - not only the tricks themselves but philosophical and logical thinking about magic in general. - Richard Scherle

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