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How I Predicted Super Bowl XLVI - Dan Cain
How I Predicted Super Bowl XLVI - Dan Cain
Item Number: BA9118

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How I Predicted Super Bowl XLVI - Dan Cain

Are you just starting out in the wonderful world of magic and mentalism? Or are you a seasoned professional and feel like you are in some sort of a rut with how things are going in your career? Whether you are a novice or professional this book can help you get that boost you need in your entertainment career. This book will teach you the techniques used by The Mentalist Dan Cain to gain notoriety in newspapers, television, radio and just about any other media outlet. He will explain, in detail, how he predicted newspaper headlines as well as the coveted secret of how he predicted Super Bowl 46.

Dan Cain is a professional corporate entertainer specializing in the Art of Mentalism who has confounded audiences for over a decade. He has taught students in the art of magic in more than 30 countries while working with a major network company. He has studied psychology, spiritualism, Biblical symbolism, and other various esoteric subjects. He has created his own illusions and is scheduled to release a dvd in 2013 that will teach other magicians the secret to one of his signature tricks. He is currently working on a seminar as well as a mini-series television program which will explore paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon. Mr. Cain currently resides in Delaware with his wife and two daughters.

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These are some of the reviews: I enjoyed reading all the different aspects of your Superbowl prediction. Anyone contemplating doing a stunt like this would learn a lot from your book." -Richard Osterlind "Dan Cain's How I Predicted the Super Bowl really is a great piece of work. Not only does Dan explain how the prediction was made (the 'trick' element if you like), but he takes time to explain how to gain a ton of free publicity from the prediction. Mentalists have historically used headline predictions to promote themselves and shows they are performing. Dan takes this idea to the next level by explaining how to involve local businesses, venues, newspapers and radio stations, and how to give the actual day of the prediction reveal a party atmosphere! I loved reading Dan's book, and was grateful to be given an insight into the mind of someone who is clearly passionate about mentalism. This is a great piece of work, and should be read by anyone with an interest in magic and mentalism, whether a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the business." -Paul Voodini Legend! That's the cheekiest, boldest thing I've seen in a seen in mentalism for a while! ...a stroke of genius!" -Christo Nicolle, Thaumaturgy, UK

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