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Invisible Magic - Simon Carmel

Invisible Magic - Simon Carmel
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Invisible Magic - Simon Carmel

From their "cloak of invisibility," deaf magicians have entertained on stages around the world, but many hearing audiences never knew they existed. In his second book on the subject, Dr. Simon Carmel profiles over one hundred deaf and hard of hearing magicians from twenty-eight countries. In 2008, Dr. Carmel, himself a deaf magician, wrote "Silent Magic," which contained the biographies of fifty-nine deaf magicians in the united states. This new book is based on interviews and research that he conducted over the pat five decades regarding the lives of these special people from many different countries. Dozens of inspirational and heart-warming stories document how they persisted to overcome challenges in striving for their love of magic.

Deaf magicians do not have it easy. In addition to the foibles and problems that every human being faces, they have the extra difficulty of living in a soundless world. Not only can't they hear but most choose not to speak on stage. Theirs is a world pf no patter, of no oral distractions, of music they cannot hear. Deaf magicians have succeeded in spite of these challenges. Now you can read their stories and cheer their successes in this 400 page book which also includes many rare illustrations and photographs of those who, until now, have been invisible to most of the world.

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