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Real Telepathy by Patrick Froment
Real Telepathy by Patrick Froment
Item Number: BB1657

5 stars


Real Telepathy by Patrick Froment

You have something very precious in your hands. A masterpiece of the genre. Probably the most devastating pure mentalism effect that I've seen to date.
- Jean-Jacques Sanvert

If you add this trick to your repertoire, then I'm giving you a stern warning: you'll find it hard to perform another trick afterwards. The effect is so strong that any other trick will seem dull in comparison.
- Grard Bakner

If telepathy existed, it would look like this!

Actual telepathy Patrick Froment is a divination of the purest that can be performed mentalism drawing. This underground text, only fired a few dozen copies, remained within a very closed circle for many years.

If you wish to experience telepathy, give the viewer the impression of being able to return to his mind, or add to your repertoire of impromptu mentalism effect achievable anywhere and at any moment, is the book for you.

Book details
Format 12 x 19 cm
84 pages
Softcover with flaps

Frequently asked questions Is it true that the secret was jealously guarded for seventeen years?
Yes! Seventeen years! Only a handful of people knew the secret and it really didn't get out throughout that time. In the Internet age, that's a real miracle. Keeping a secret for seventeen years is pretty good going - so now the time has come!

Is it true that no gimmicks are used?
Yes! You only need a scrap of paper and a pen or pencil, both of which are completely normal. The spectator can leave the room to do the drawing.

Is it true that the mentalist never touches the drawing?
Yes! Once the drawing is done, the spectator puts it into his or her own pocket and you don't touch it at any point.

Is it true that the drawing duplication can be done by telephone?
Yes! Without any preparation, you can do it by telephone or using instant messaging. Even from thousands of miles away, your spectator will believe that you've created a telepathic link between the two of you.

Is it true that you can learn the method in three minutes?
Yes! You can learn the method in three minutes. Many experienced mentalists do point out, however, that while it's possible to learn the method in three minutes, it takes a lot longer to master the psychology and presentation involved in this type of effect. It is for this reason that much of the book, eighty pages in all, is devoted to explaining the effect's psychology and presentation.

Is it true that the effect fooled top magicians and mentalists?
Yes! In early 1997, at a Mind on Mania event, the effect was shown to a selection of big names in the magic world - Pascal de Clermont, Dominique Duvivier, Ga�tan Bloom and Jean-Jacques Sanvert. It slayed them! A few weeks later, Jean-Jacques Sanvert described the incident in number 146 of the magazine Le magicien.

Is it true that there's no trick, and that it is real telepathy?
No! It's not real telepathy, but it's the closest thing there is to it at the moment. There is a method. It makes complete sense, it's as simple as it is inspired and I believe it's unlike anything magicians would normally use to divine a spectator's drawing. Sixteen years ago, in early 1998, Alain Gesbert (also known as 'the Ed Marlo of mentalism') wrote the following for a Mind on Mania publication: 'I've never seen a method like this in magic literature before, in French or English.' He added, 'Real Telepathy is priceless!

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This is a hidden gem. I am reluctant to give it a great review as I don't want others doing this. It IS real telepathy or so it seems to the participant. Cannot say enough about this, except skip it - its too good! - boB Taylor

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