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Stand Up Fantasies (DVD & Book Set) by Jan Logemann
Item Number: BB3385

5 stars


Stand Up Fantasies (DVD & Book Set) by Jan Logemann

Stand Up Fantasies (DVD & Book Set) by Jan Logemann

The current World Champion of Card Magic (2012-2015) and Germany's Magician of the year 2012 is going to share his secrets! These are tried and tested routines and have been part of Jan Logemann repertoire for years! Experience his easy going, natural way with people. His sophisticated set ups leading to a climax that truly comes out with a "bang" - and most importantly: experience his Nordic character disposition ...

More than 3 hours material and 40 pictures in the booklet make this feel like a private workshop. Three cameras, 10-headed team, detailed explanation and 50 laypeople in the most beautiful magic theatre of Germany will bring the stage in your living room!

WONDERRING: A completely fooling and practical ring translocation into a sealed sweet bag!!!

3-LAYERED-SILVER: A baffling three phase coin routine! Which really end with a big BANG!

THE UNFAMOUS 100CARD TRICK: An homage to Williamsons "Famous 3-Card Trick" but the ending will "kill" your audience!

CARTOMAT: You find two thought of cards without breaking your fingers, with the help of your automatic deck ...

RubberBehr: Two rubber band find two thought of cards. This is a knucklebuster BUT definitely worth a try!!!

WINE-NOTE: One of Jan's reputation makers! An amazingly direct, clean and easy version of "Bill in Wine Bottle"!

PLUS: 2nd Chance Force, Ring vanish, rubber band moves, coin slights, False shuffles and much more...

Magic Magazine: "Jan Logemann stunned the audience ... and amazed the crowd!"

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Video has given us the opportunity to see magicians from around the world that we would not be able to do even a short time ago. I had never heard of Jan Logemann, a professional magician in Germany. He recently made available a DVD and book of some of his routines which I found very enlightening. Jan combines routines of sleight of hand, with more self working tricks, to make a very entertaining stand-up set. As is often the case, it is great to see how a fellow professional magician thinks. I found this to be especially true with Jan’s performance. There are two routines I want to put in my show from this DVD. Bill in sealed wine bottle is perfect for those special occasions where the preparation is worthwhile for a real miracle. His bill corner switch is insanely good.

The other trick I will also be doing is his ring in sealed bag of sweets. I have played around with other versions of this trick, but his little touches make this a real worker. A ring is borrowed, vanished, and ends up in a sealed bag of candies. This is a very strong routine that Jan uses to close his show.

If you want to see how a professional working magician performs halfway around the world without having to pay an expensive plane ticket, I highly recommend you check out this DVD. - Jon Jensen

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