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Card Fictions
Card Fictions
Item Number: BK4034




Card Fictions


This booklet will not enable you to any of those things. Most of them are, after all, impossible. Fortunately, however, we can make our spectators experience these impossibilities anyway. We do that by creating fictions, In this case Card Fictions.

It may sound obvious, but it is this simple realization that makes magic as a performing art possible in the first place: Evoking the feeling of impossibility does not require actually doing the impossible. However, it will always require a team-effort. A fiction is created in somebody's mind. Equipped with those marvels called human perception and the human mind our spectators play a necessary and active part in the process. All that we performers do is to provide adequate input. Then we lean back and relax as the spectators themselves spontaneously and effortlessly complete the job and create fascinating, impossible - magical - fictions.

What People Are Saying:

"High-caliber thinking at its best. Highly recommended" Michael Close

"This stuff is beyond clever" Max Maven

"Somebody like Pit Hartling comes along only once in twenty years at best" Roberto Giobbi

"Quite simply one of the best card books I've read in years" Simon Aronson

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