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Secrets Of Brother John Hamman
Secrets Of Brother John Hamman
Item Number: BK8175

5 stars


Secrets Of Brother John Hamman

"John Hamman's effects, sleights, and handling of a pack of cards are used by magicians all over the world. He has no use for time-worn sleights he creates new ones to fit the effects he dreams up. He is truly a titan with a pack of cards.

In this book he shares his precious secrets. You may be able to learn them, add them to your repertoire, but there is no way for you to imitate his gentle, quiet, and lovable manner. After all, he is Brother John Hamman."
- Gene DeVoe

From the Foreword:

"I have collected here those tricks and notions that I like, and audiences too. Some of my past material is included here, and some not, because I fell it is now dated or less effective. But what is here comprises a sweep of effects, magical, visual, and entertaining that should give you value for your efforts. Learn them in such a way that you understand them, why the effect is accomplished, not just how. Magic is in the mind of the spectator mon in your fingers. If you understand what the flimflam is doing to the spectator's imagination, you will magically entertain him. Sleights will not - it's the plot, the visual sting, and the performer. So study the scams that fit your personality, don't just memorize them. They work for me because they are me. Have fun."
- Brother John Hamman, S.M.

Hardbound and Fully Illustrated

Pages 252

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The Brother John Hammon`s magic is brilliant. His plots are solid. His moves are clean. The magic is powerful. I love his subtle approach of talking just enough to enhance the magic but no more than that. I love Richard Kaufman's writing and thorough explanations. This is a book that I get excited to read and to learn. As I practice and perform the magic in this book I am amazed at the beauty of each piece. Well worth the price. - Michael McKellar

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