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Belief by Dee Christopher - ebook DOWNLOAD
Belief by Dee Christopher - ebook DOWNLOAD
Item Number: BX8862

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Belief by Dee Christopher - ebook DOWNLOAD
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A collection of thoughts.

Belief is the new ebook on mentalism by Dee Christopher. In this ebook, not only will you find some versatile techniques and a devestating full close up mind reading act, you will also find several essays on creating the most powerful demonstrations possible and making the demonstrations that you already do ten times more powerful.

The ebook also contains the full explanation of 2009's The Isolation Experiment video. A demonstration Dee devised using a readily available but under used prop to create the illusion of bending a fork while it's completely isolated. That video got a thousand views in about a day and really put Dee on the map.

Full contents:

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This was the first e-Book by Dee Christopher that I bought and I was absolutely astounded by each and every effect and essay he wrote in this utterly amazing e-Book. One of the main reasons I loved reading the effects and the methodology, was how utterly simple and incredibly powerful his effect Dreamcatcher was and the impromptu nature of the effect. I immediately added it to my repetoire just after a week of practicing and fine-tuning the effect with just a few subtle additions of my own. Another fascinating aspect was his idea behind not having a coin signed, it makes complete sense so I started to perform my coin bending routine without a signature. I kind of had to kick myself for spending quite a bit on a Quantum Bender 2.0 which is the holy grail of a signed coin bending effect. I decided to pick up another coin bender device called the Absolute Coin Bender, which is a VERY clean and subtle way to bend a coin right in front of the spectators with empty hands before the bend and after, and all for $25 bucks! Anyway, I digress. The Isolation Experiment was beyond astounding when he delves into not just HOW it was done, but WHY he performed it the way he did. I must admit that I had never seen the performance until I read about it in this e-Book, so I quickly did a search and found the video performance and I immediately understood how it fooled EVERYONE who has ever seen it. So I suggest everyone find the video and watch it yourself before reading how he was able to perform it the way he did, after watching it, read how he performed it and you'll be just as blown away as I was by the deep, deep thinking he goes into when creating effects. His ideas behind "How to Lie" is so rich in his subtle and psychological approach to the human mind and how to literally become better and lieing, which I am not sure is a good thing or a bad thing! Well fellow Mentalist and Magicians, what are you waiting for? Purchase this wonderful e-Book (along with his Origin e-Book collection of his other work) and be rewarded with a breath of fresh air in the chosen fields of our professions. You will NOT regret either purchases, well, other than regretting not purchasing it sooner! - Steve H.

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