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Gambling Protection Series - Steve Forte
Gambling Protection Series - Steve Forte
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Gambling Protection Series - Steve Forte

Steve Forte is by far the best sleight-of-hand expert in the world. His specialty is gambling techniques with cards and dice and he is considered one of the leading authorities on crooked gambling.

In this must-have DVD set you will see sleight-of-hand techniques demonstrated and explained that you never thought possible.

Contents include the four video tapes that Mr. Forte released in the mid-1980s which exposed many cheating techniques used in private and casual games. The video series has stood the test of time and is still considered the best on the subject. Until recently the video series was being sold for $200 for the set and was considered a bargain. Now it is on DVD for half the price.

The subjects covered include: False Shuffles, Stacking, Beating The Cut, Gaffed Cards, Peeks, Misc. Techniques, False Dealing, Palming, Holdouts & Mucking, The Cold Deck, Gin Rummy, Blackjack, Bridge, Crooked Dice, Switches, Controlled Shots, Cups & Backgammon Moves, and much, much more.

The newly added bonus material is worth much more than the asking price of the set. You get, Mr. Forte’s "Gambling's Invisible Thieves" a 1-hour television show about casino cheating.

You also get "The Hidden Secrets of Magic clip" where Mr. Forte performed some of his false shuffling, card location work, second, bottom and center dealing.

A recently shot segment features footage of 52 moves that you won’t believe. They contain many techniques he collected over his career and were originally shot for his own private recollections. They are being released here for the first time.

The final bonus feature is a walk-through of Mr. Forte’s private gambling collection which forms a museum at his home. This virtual tour is given in almost the exact same manner that Mr. Forte uses in person. You begin with chips, work your way around to the mini-craps table, and if you're lucky, you get a peek into the back room and wind up sitting at the center table with him. It's the closest many people will ever come to a tour like this.

Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by Steve Forte & Jason England. Original release date: 2009. Running time: Approximately 343 minutes.

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