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Butterfly Effect & Ripples DVD
Butterfly Effect & Ripples DVD
Item Number: DA6352



Butterfly Effect & Ripples DVD

Two of Bruno Copin's best effect at a very affordable price. This is your best chance to discover Bruno's work, and enter the world of "Real Magic"...

The Butterfly Effect - Whether you are a performer or a spectator, when you see this trick for the first time, you have just witnessed magic: Real magic!

It all happens in the spectator's hand. Any card is selected, and this card magically flips on top of the deck by itself. Finally, it rotates on top of it.

At this point, EVERYTHING can be examined.

You read that right! This is just a regular deck of card lying in the spectator's hand.

This effect can be performed seated at a table, standing up in front of the audience, in cocktail or table hopping conditions. The impact on the audience is beyond belief.

The performance is so easy to perform that you may instantly add this effect to your repertoire. It is up to you to take over the butterfly effect story to perform it as presented in the DVD, or simply reveal magically any selected card in the spectator's hand according to the effect you present such as an ambitious card or any signed card effect.

Do not pass on this one: this is your chance to perform magic, not tricks :)

Bounces - Based on the same principle, you are going to perform a "double" butterfly effect, on the table this time. Again, everything is examinable; you end up clean and reset, ready to perform as many times as you want.

- Very easy to perform. No sleight of hands required

- Works with any standard deck of cards

- The deck is shuffled by the spectators before and after the effect. You are "clean" at all time

- Comes complete with all the props necessary to perform the effect

- DVD is shot with multi angles, providing a hassle free explanation

- Recorded in French and English

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