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Dixon Drop by Doc Dixon
Dixon Drop by Doc Dixon
Item Number: DA6448

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Dixon Drop by Doc Dixon

What If... you could cleanly cut a deck into four random packets and the face card of each packet changes into an ace?
What have a signed selection vanish from the deck then pick up the card box at the fingertips of an empty hand and simply shake out the signed selection?
What could table the four aces and without any painting or the aces touching the deck a signed selected card appears in the middle of the aces?
What could perform an incredibly clean cards across with no palming?
What have a very funny and commercial "cut to the high card" routine in your repertoire?
What had a new incredibly fair appearing card force?
And What If...all of these routines relied on a single new move that is as easy as dropping cards? (You have occasionally dropped cards, haven't you?)
Running Time: approximately 56 mins

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