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ESP Card Magic - Colombini
Item Number: DA6581

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ESP Card Magic - Colombini

ESP Card Magic - Colombini

Nick Trost routines performed and taught by Aldo Colombini

Volume 1

TRIPLE ESP DIVINATION: This is a two-phase routine. First, after the deck is shuffled and divided into three packets, three spectators pick a card each. You reveal the three selections. Then, these three cards find three matching pairs! THE

ULTIMATE CIDENTAQUIN: The deck is shuffled and a spectator picks a card. The deck is then separated into two piles. The cards are mixed according to the spectators directions and at the end, not only do you find the two pairs matching the selection but all the other pairs match!

A FIVE-SYMBOL MYSTERY: Five cards are selected by a spectator apparently at random, and they are seen to be all Stars! A

MATTER OF DESIGN: A card is placed face down as a prediction. A spectator deals cards separating the deck into two piles. These piles are dealt again into two and the top card of each of the four packets is revealed: They are (say) four Squares. The prediction is seen to be the other Square!

UNA-MINDS: Two spectators note an ESP symbol. One spectator shuffles the deck (you are not looking), mixing face-up and face-down cards. Yet, you locate the two selected cards!

ODD ISN'T IT?: You show a packet of eight cards. A spectator freely picks one card. It is the only odd card of the packet (say a Circle, while all the other symbols are Stars)!

PAIR-ITY: You lay aside a pair of cards as 'prediction' cards. A spectator selects two cards and these match the predictions!

PARADOXICAL ESP-PAIRS: Pairs of cards are placed on the table and a spectator freely chooses two pairs. These are the only matching pairs, all the other pairs do not match!

EXTRASENSORY DECEPTION: A spectator picks two cards. He then deals the cards in pairs totally at random and you pick a pair. These two cards match the two selected cards!

SYNC-RO-MESH: Two symbols are selected and you predicted them!

Running Time: Approximately 47mins

Volume 2
THE POWER OF THREE: Three predictions are placed on the table. A spectator deals the deck into three packets and the top card of each packet matches the predictions!

ESP DO AS I DO: A deck is shuffled and cut into two. A spectator picks a card from his half and you a card from your half. They match. You repeat this two more times!

THE ODD SET: You place six 'sets' of ESP cards on the table. Even though the spectator has a free selection of one of the 'sets,' he picks the ODD one!

ELIMINATOR: You place a prediction on the table. The spectator picks a few cards by cutting the deck and you eliminate all but one: It matches the prediction!

TRIPLE ESP MIRACLE: A triple miracle. Your three predictions match three mentally selected cards!

ES-PAIR-ITY: You deal cards in pairs face down on the table. A spectator selects two pairs. The pairs not selected are shown to consist of different symbols. Then two selected pairs match!

METAPHYSICS: Two spectators select a symbol each. You place the shuffled deck into your pocket and then you produce the two matching symbols!

ESP DUCK AND DEAL: Eight cards are shown (say four Circles and four Stars). The cards are mixed and dealt into two piles according to the spectators' wishes. When the piles are shown, all the Circles are in one pile, the Stars in the other!

GEO-METRICK: You place ten ESP cards face down on the table. A spectator deals his cards on the table on top of your ten cards dealt before. At the end, all the pairs match!

TRIPLE SYNCHRONICITY: A spectator picks three cards from a red-backed deck and you take three cards from a blue-backed deck. The three pairs of cards are all matching!

Running time: Approximately 46 mins

Volume 3
CIDENTAQUIN: One of the best routines with ESP cards. A spectator picks a card (free choice). You split the deck into two halves and deal cards face up at the same time from both packets. Only two pairs will match (say the four Circles). The spectator's card is the remaining Circle!

SYMBA WONDA: The deck is shuffled and cut. Five spectators pick five cards each apparently totally at random. The five cards are one of each symbol. This is amazing!

PAKADUA: A spectator selects a card (free choice). He then shuffles the deck with the cards face up and face down. You deal seven cards face down taking them from both sides of the deck. One card is then picked and it matches the spectator's selection!

CELEBRITHREE: After the deck is shuffled a spectator cuts it half face up and half face down. He then removes cards from each packet totally at random creating at the same time three pairs. These pairs are matching (say two Circles, two Squares and two Stars)!

PREDICNIC: A prediction involving cards and coins. Great combination. You will never stop doing this clever effect!

TULEFTA: Probably the most famous trick by Howard. Two sets of ESP cards are shuffled and paired by the spectators totally at random. Yet, the five pairs match (two Circles, Two Squares, etc.)!

TRIPLERSONS: In this effect a series of matching tests are conducted with three people!

REVERSEE: Duplicates of two cards selected by two people are found reversed in the middle of the deck!

CARD TO BELIEVE: You apparently find a person's mentally selected card and place it in the deck between two of its duplicates!
THINKARD: Two people mentally select two ESP symbols and you reveal them in different ways!

Volume 4
PAKATRIA: A spectator picks a card and places it into an envelope. He then shuffles the cards and removes seven cards. You place the envelope on one card. It matches the selection!

RECYCLER: You remove five cards from the deck. A spectator chooses the order of another set of five symbols. You have predicted the actions of the spectator!

NAPKAN: Two spectators remove two symbols at random. They then cover one packet with a napkin and from it, sight unseen, you remove the two matching symbols!

QUARTEST: Four prediction cards match four cards freely selected by two spectators. In addition, there is a mindreading test conducted for a third person!

SYMBOLIKE: This is a series of two face-up and face-down mysteries in which a spectator does all the work, but some unknown power must have been at work to guide him to the unique conclusion!

MULTI ESP 21: You discover three mentally chosen symbols in a very dramatic way!

PAIRSEE: Two spectators assist you in this experiment and each select an identical set of two cards!

QUICHE ESP: A spectator matches two symbols under what it seems are impossible conditions!

COUNTHINK: You predict two symbols that a spectator freely stops at while you are dealing the cards!

CIDENTAQUIN PLUS THREE: A spectator picks a sign. You deal the cards into two packets. While dealing them, only two pairs match (say the four Squares), the selected symbol is the other Square. The spectator himself riffle shuffles the remaining cards and he deals them in five piles. Each packet contains a complete set of five different symbols!

Volume 5


SYMBOLICLUE (Werner Miller):
A spectator picks a card. The other cards are dealt in four packets and assembled randomly. When you turn over the cards in pairs only four cards match (say four Squares), the fifth symbol is the selected one (Square)!

WHITEWASH (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson): Four cards with numbers shuffled by a spectator are used to find four symbols (say all Square), that match your prediction. At the end all the other cards are blank. This is a great routine!

INTERIOR DESIGNS (Roy Walton): Two spectators remove a symbol at random from two packets repeatedly shuffled. You reveal these two symbols!

ESP-TRANSPO (Cameron Francis): You show five ESP symbols and one blank-faced card which is left on the table. A symbol is selected and appears on the card leaving a blank card in the packet!

PERFECT MATCH (Magic Ronnay): Two packets of ESP cards are perfectly paired up by a spectator after the cards have been shuffled!

DOUBLE CROSS (Aldo Colombini): A funny effect where you show two packets of ESP symbols. One card is selected from one pile and from the other packet letters appear to reveal the chosen symbols!

PSYCHLOID (Max Maven): From a shuffled deck and using a regular die, a spectator finds five matching symbols (or a set of five different symbols)!

FUTURE SHOCK (Terry Morgan): Two decks are used. A spectator shuffles a deck and at the end, when the cards from both decks are all turned up in pairs, they all match. Amazing routine!

NOUGHTS & CROSSES (Roy Johnson): A great "Follow the Leader" routine using ESP cards!

NEW WAVE OIL & WATER (Val Le-Val): A unique version of the "Oil and Water" theme using ESP cards!

Running Time Approximately: 47min

Volume 6

The deck is shuffled and dealt into five packets. Five cards are placed as predictions. Five spectators shuffle each packet and pick a card each: They match the prediction!

MENTAL TEKEL (MaxMaven): A spectator freely picks a card from a red-backed deck. Your blue-backed card matches the selection!

A CUT ABOVE (Marcello Truzzi): A 'paper sleeve' containing a piece of paper with five ESP symbols is cut at random by a spectator cutting through an ESP sign (free cut). It matches the previous sign selected from a packet of cards. Great method. Great routine!

ESP FOOL'S MATE (Nick Trost & Aldo Colombini): You place a red-backed card on the table (say the Cross). A spectator freely selects a card from a packet and this card is a Square. You show all the other cards being Crosses. Finally, the red card changes into a Square!

KLONDIKE ESP (Werner Miller): From a shuffled deck one card is placed aside and two spectators place pairs of cards on the table. Only two pairs match with the single card (e.g. all Stars)!

ESP, MAGIC OR COINCIDENCE? (Paul Hallas): Eight cards are shown and shuffled. Three spectators pair the cards by using the words ESP or MAGIC!

MAKING THE POINT (Karl Fulves): Using two regular dice, a spectator finds two matching pairs from a shuffled deck!

ESPIAL (Aldo Colombini): A combination of ESP cards and a regular deck of playing cards with a strong prediction with two cards having a Square and a Circle cut-out in the middle. Novelty effect!

EITHER/OR (Stephen Minch): Two spectators pick a card using a freely chosen number and you can immediately name the two symbols chosen! Clever subtlety!

VISION ESP (Armand Porcell): The deck is riffle shuffled (even by a a spectator) and five cards are taken. You immediately name them!

Running Time Approximately: 42min

Volume 7


You place three cards on the table and these are inserted into the deck by spectators. They find the same symbols!

ESP SWINDLE: A spectator shuffles the deck at random, yet he's able to pair all the cards (two Circles, two Squares, etc. all the way through)!

THREE ODD COUPLES: The cards are dealt on the table in pairs and a spectator picks three pairs by placing three coins on them (free choice). These are the only pairs containing two matching cards; all the other pairs do not match!

FIVE-WAY COINCIDENCE: A spectator cuts a portion from the deck at random and when these cards are dealt the five Circles (or other symbols) appear!

DIE-ABOLICAL PROPHECY: You place a prediction in view. A spectator, using three regular dice finds a symbol in the deck. It matches your prediction!

ESP PREDICTION SUPREME: You place three cards on the table. Three numbers given by three spectators find three random cards. They match your three cards!

OUIJA MIRACLE: Using two regular dice, a spectator finds two matching pairs from a shuffled deck!

DOWSING BY DESIGN: A shuffled deck is dealt in pairs. One card is dropped onto two pairs. These five cards are seen to be (say) the five Stars! All the other pairs do not match.

ESP COLOR SCHEME: Five Stars and five Circles (or any other signs) are separated by a spectator even though he shuffles them totally under his control!

ESP TRIPLE COINCIDENCE: A unique effect! Three cards are selected by a spectator from a red-backed deck and you pick three cards from a blue-backed deck. The three cards are matching!

Running Time Approximately: 42min /p>

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