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Aldo On Trost
Item Number: DA6630

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Aldo On Trost

Aldo On Trost


Volume 1:
ACE STOP: Here is a quick, easy method of locating the four Aces in a magical manner!

AMBITIOUS DEUCE SANDWICH: A selected card is buried in the deck only to jump to the top and land between the two red Deuces. This happens THREE times!

TEN-IN-A-ROW DOUBLE COINCIDENCE: This trick represents Trost at his best-and we think his best is hard to beat. The name says it all!

ROYAL RENDEZVOUS: This routine with court cards packs a three-way punch and there is no sleight of hand involved!

TRIUMPH ACE OPENER: The deck is cut and the two halves shuffled together, one face up and one face down. The deck is ribbon spread and all the cards are face down except the four Aces!

THE TELEPHONE NUMBER TRICK: This is a very simple method for performing the revelation of a spectator's telephone number with cards!

THE OMEGA BET-UPDATED: A match or no match bet with cards with several climaxes; the last one occurs after a spectator shuffles the deck. Great routine!

MULTIPLYING KINGS: Four Kings and a selection. The cards are counted three times: the first time there are five; the second time, six; and the third time, seven. Then there are eight face-up Kings. The cards are counted again and they are just the four Kings. The selection appears face up in the middle of the deck. Fun to watch and fun to do!

ACE TO FIVE: You show the AS to 5S. The AS is placed second from the top of the packet and it rises to the top. You repeat with the 2S, 3S and 4S. The 5S changes to the 5H!

MENTAL FINGERTIPS: You hand the deck to a spectator and turn your back. The spectator removes a few cards. A second spectator selects a card at random. The deck is dropped into your pocket. You remove two cards: The total corresponds to the number of cards removed by the first spectator. For the second climax, you remove from the pocket the mate of the other spectator's selection!

Running Time: Approximately 46 mins

Volume 2
A SIMPLE COINCIDENCE: A spectator selects a card. You spread the deck to reveal a face-up Ten in the center. The spectator's card is the other red Ten!

THE NINES FIRST: A card is selected. A second card is chosen and both turn out to be Nines.. A packet of cards contains exactly nine cards and the last card is a Nine and this card finds the other Nine!

A PUZZLING ASSEMBLY: Using the court cards, the spectators separate the four Jacks, the Queens and the Kings!

THE TWENTY-TWENTY PREDICTION: A series of amazing coincidences where the number 20 takes a very important place!

THE LUCKY ROYAL FLUSH: The spectator cuts the deck into piles. He locates the four Aces. The piles are turned face up and you reveal the Royal Flush in Spades!

THE TROST FOUR-ACE ROUTINE: A three-phase routine using the four Aces, where all the Aces, at the end, are turned face up in the middle of the face-down deck!

PREDICTING RED, BLACK AND COURTS: You lay four predictions on the table. A spectator shuffles the deck. The predictions are correct revealing the number of red cards, black cards and court cards. You won't believe it until you do it!

THE AMBITIOUS JACKS: This is a three-phase routine where the Jacks reveal themselves as ambitious cards and always assemble to the top of the deck!

VALUE/COLOR PREDICTION: You place two pairs of cards on the table. A spectator takes (freely) two cards. Your cards reveal the value and the color of the selections!

THE SUB-TRUNK MYSTERY: You show a version of the famous Substitution Trunk Mystery using a deck of cards. The KS (magician) and the QH (assistant) change place in the deck of cards!

Running Time: Approximately 46 mins

Volume 3
A TRIPLE TRANSPORTATION: Cards are following 'indicators' with a stunning triple change/transposition!

JAZZ 1-2-3-4 REVISITED: The A-2-3-4 of Spades and four other cards are shown. The A-2-3-4 are placed between the other cards and they vanish one after the other to assemble in one packet!

DOUBLE WHAMMY PREDICTION: You remove two predictions. A spectator selects two cards and these are shown to be mates!

THE MAGNETIC ACES: Two freely selected cards are used to find the four Aces!

SORCERER'S SEVENS: Using only the low cards, a spectator selects four cards; surprisingly these turn out to be all Sevens. He then inserts two of the Sevens face up in the middle of the packet. The face-down cards above and below each seven are shown to total seven. No other adjacent cards total seven!

FIFTEEN CARD MYSTERY: A card is chosen and three packets of 5 cards each are dealt. The selection moves from one packet to another, disappears and reappears face up in the middle of the packet!

CARDS OF COINCIDENCE: A startling matching effect. Four selected cards match your predictions and then you reveal the four Aces!

ANOTHER OIL AND QUEENS: Four Kings and four Queens are alternated. Two Kings and two Queens are placed on the table. The in-hand packet changes to four Queens, while the tabled packet changes to four Aces. Then the four Queens change to Kings!

FOUR OF A KIND: A spectator selects a card (say a red King) and then another one: The other red King. One of the Kings is inserted into the deck and finds the two black Kings!

COURT CARD CONCLAVE: The deck is shuffled and the face cards removed. They are shown in pairs and each pair is mixed in color and value. Magically, all are now matching pairs!

Running Time: Approximately 51 mins

Volume 4
THE GATHERING OF THE COURT CARDS: A great nine-card assembly, with Jacks, Queens and Kings!

THE SLIPPERY ACES: The Aces are sandwiched between the two red Jacks. They disappear and reappear between the black Jacks!

TOPSY-TURVY ACES: The Aces are inserted in the middle of the deck which is shuffled with some cards face up and some face down. At the end, all the cards are face down except the Aces!

DEAL AND DUCK POKER: Ten cards are used. The spectator picks five at random. You end up with a Royal Flush!

CARDS AND DICE PREDICTION: Two dice and a deck of cards. A card is selected by throwing the dice and the same dice find it!

ELIMINATION: A card is chosen and you show the entire deck card by card. The selection is gone! It will re-appear face up in the middle of the deck!

THE FIFTH HOTEL MYSTERY: Queens and Kings are shuffled in pairs, but at the end the Queens are all together and so are the Kings!

M-U-M MIRACLE: A spectator THINKS of any card. You reveal it, without any clue, with a method that will blow them away!

ELEVATOR CARDS: The name says it all. The classic elevator theme, the Trost way!

TROST ON AL KORAN'S "PREDICTION SUPREME": You place three predictions on the table and three spectators pick a card each. The three selections match your predictions!

Running Time: Approximately 36 mins


SIGNIFICATOR CARDS: A freely selected card is lost in the deck and revealed by four cards picked by a spectator!

THE RESTLESS COURT CARDS: The twelve court cards are used. You place them in three packets and then switch their positions. They follow each other in their respective piles!

AN EQUALIZER REVEALMENT: Two cards are freely selected and replaced. The deck is shuffled face up and face down and at the end all the red cards are face up except the black selection and vice-versa the black cards are face up except the red selection!

THE AUTOMATIC GAMBLER: Some cards are shuffled by you and the spectator. Three hands are dealt and your hand beats the other two!

IT'S A DATE: A coin is borrowed and left in full view The deck is shuffled and cut by a spectator and four cards are selected. The four cards reveal the date of the coin!

SPECTATORS' DOUBLE MATCH: The deck is divided in half and two spectators each take a half-deck and pick two cards. They match. The same thing is repeated with the same result!

THE ROYAL TREATMENT: The four Queens are paired up with the four Kings by a spectator, and they all match (Hearts with Hearts, Clubs with Clubs, etc.)!

COINCIDENTAL CUT: A spectator cuts any amount of cards. Two cards are selected from the remaining of the deck and they indicate the cards cut by the first spectator!

FOURTEEN-CARD FOLLOW THE LEADER: The classic theme, the easy way, THE Nick Trost way!

DOUBLE CATO REVELATION: A sixteen-card packet is shuffled by a spectator after two cards have been chosen. At the end, the two cards appear in the opposite color pile!

Running Time Approximately: 45min

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