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Oblivion by Tom Wright
Item Number: DA9386



Oblivion by Tom Wright

Oblivion by Tom Wright

OBLIVION is the most incredible floating effect your spectators will ever witness.

A borrowed, signed coin hovers between your hands, completely under your control. Your hand moves over and above the floating, spinning coin, proving that there is no means of support.


It hovers millimeters from the floor before it takes off once again, travelling vertically for five feet, back into your waiting hand. The signed coin is handed back to the spectator and you are totally clean.

This is quite simply, the world's best handling for the floating, spinning coin, with a jaw-dropping kicker.

OBLIVION has been created for real world performances. As well as coins you can also levitate the spectator's own ring.

"What separates this from all other levitations is the distance from the performer when the coin drops and hovers.
If there was only one coin and ring levitation to buy it should be this one! It's a real worker in real environments.

"IT'S A Fxxxxxx MINDBLOWER!!!"
Joe Monti - Consultant to Criss Angel on Season 4,5 and 6 of Mindfreak

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- This DVD is not worth $30.00 If I knew I had to buy a ITR. I wouldn't have bought it.They could have at least threw in a cheap ITR . A good ITR cost about $80.00. Unless you're really into threads and levitation . I would recommend buying the, Locking Micro ITR by Sorcery MF. Don't buy a cheap one you will regret it. Disappointed! - TOM

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