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Zenith by David Stone
Item Number: DB3354

5 stars


Zenith by David Stone

Zenith by David Stone

David Stone is back with the most amazing version of the Card on ceiling ever!
But more important, ZENith is just like "Tool", David's last best-seller : Once again the gimmick allows you to perform dozen of different tricks and routines!!!

Created by JB Dumas and David Stone, ZENith offers you to perform the most incredible Card on Ceiling version: You put all the cards into the card case, just throw it on a ceiling, and the signed card will appear on it ! You can right now give the box for examination!!!

This new practical way to perform the Card on ceiling, to make it even more magical, more impossible (how does the card goes out of the box...)... But more important of all, avoiding accidents related to the more standard versions of the Card on ceiling, like having all the cards falling to the ground or being unable to go on if your first try went wrong...

Along with this amazing version of the Card on Ceiling and its 5 variations explained, you will learn how to perform over 13 brand new routines completely different created by JB Dumas and David Stone! CARD TO BALLOON, STABBED CARD, NO PALM CARD TO POCKET, CARD TO THE WATCH, CARD TO CELLPHONE...

Zenith is not just another trick... But a concept, a brand new principle. The gimmick allows you to hold-out, steal or control invisibly one or two selected cards in an open and in a fully motivated way.

"First ZENith fooled me, then the method amazed me and finally the potential inspired me"
- Michael AMMAR

"A gimmick that is truly limited only by your imagination"

"This gimmick is bloody amazing. This takes it to another level"
- Etienne PRADIER

Created and designed by JB Dumas and David Stone

DVD with 18 routines + 3 Gimmicks: 1 gimmick for Bicycle cards, 2 more to customize to your favorite brand of cards.

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- The card on the ceiling effect has been around for a while. First popularized as the card on the wall in Chicago bars. Then Michael Ammar came up with an elegant and less messy version for the card on the ceiling. I have been performing this trick for years and it gets an almost mythical response as spectators tell about the trick as friends ask about the card they see on the ceiling. I do believe the biggest strength of this effect is that you leave evidence of the trick (the card on the ceiling) long after you perform it.

David Stone has developed his own handling for the card on the ceiling trick. I am a huge David Stone fan, but I have been performing Michael’s version for so long (old dog-new trick) that I didn't think I would find value in David’s version. I started playing with it and found that it makes the effect practically self working. It also makes the effect extremely clean, you can show both sides of the card case right up to the point you throw it up towards the ceiling.

I showed David’s version to some regulars who had seen the regular version many times. They were completely fooled. Having the cards in the card case added an extra layer to the illusion I had not anticipated. “How did you get my card out of the case and onto the ceiling?”

As with most tricks, you will need to practice this trick a little before you perform it in the real world. I found I thoroughly enjoyed using the gimmick and this will now be my go to method for the card on ceiling. - Jon Jensen Real World Product Reviews

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