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Telekinetic by Diamond Jim Tyler
Item Number: DB4203

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Telekinetic by Diamond Jim Tyler

Telekinetic by Diamond Jim Tyler

A card box comes to life in this sensational new take on a classic plot. After removing the cards from the box, the magician causes the card box to spin, stand up, rise, and open, without moving his fingers.

What you'll see is the most natural of props--the card box--as it comes to life on the magician's outstretched palm. Without moving the fingers at all, the box slides, turns, stands on end, and then opens. As with everything we release, WE GUARANTEE THAT WHAT YOU SEE IN THE TRAILER IS EXACTLY HOW IT LOOKS IN REAL LIFE.

There is an epidemic of deceptive trailers in the magic industry. We hope you appreciate that every effect we produce lives up to its representation online. "Telekinetic" is truly wonderful. Here's why: before or after your favorite card trick, you have a card box naturally in your pocket or on the table, and this effect is therefore MOTIVATED in your show. It is the perfect ending or encore piece--just a tiny touch of visual before you end your performance. And as you can see in the trailer, it freaks people out.

The gimmick is durable, the handling is easy, and you'll be performing it within minutes.

Includes DVD and gimmicks. Running time: approximately 30 minutes

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