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Underground Magic
Item Number: DV4401

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You are about enter into a world where magic has no boundries! On this DVD you will learn tricks that defy reason.

  • Underground Vanish: Vanish an entire deck of card!
  • Griffin False Cut: Mix the cards leaving them in perfect order!
  • Underground Cuts: Watch, learn and you will believe...
  • Underground Wild Cards: The you think are not what they seem.
  • The Brain Wave: The one card selected is from another deck.
  • The Dragon Fly Cut: An artful series of card cuts.
  • Underground Voodoo: Ashes appear in unexpected places!
  • Resurrection Match: A burned match reappears in a pack.
  • Blister: The performer is marked with your prediction!
  • Magic Spoon Bending: Make a spoon magically bend in your hands!
  • Standing Match: A burning match stands on its own.
  • Magic Fork Break: Give a fork a little shake and it falls apart...
  • Pen Levitation: Make a pen float against your hand.
  • Magic Key Bend: Take a key and make it curl up in your hand.
  • Impossible Spoon Twist: With a little rub make a spoon neck twist.
  • Bill Switch: Make a bill magically turn into another.
  • Invisible Exchange: Coins disappear and reappear in different hands.
  • Underground Bill: Magically turn a bill inside-out!
  • Revolution Bill: A secret bill transposition is revealed.
  • Coin Vanish: Learn to openly vanish a coin in your hand.
  • Magic Linking Ring: Is is possible to link two rubberbands together.?
  • Dead Ringer: A finger ring climbs up a rubber band all by itself!
  • Torn & RestoredBands: Break a rubber band and then make it restore.
  • Penetrating Bands: Make rubber bands pass thru each other!

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I had to turn the sound off for this, as the only sound is eardrum-grating music. I've only viewed one other instructional DVD similar to this, in style. It came with a kit that shall not be named. The "teaching" is not terribly difficult to follow, in its entirety. However, it does leave a lot to be desired, especially for beginners. Some of it can be found to be confusing. Just music and disembodied hands, here. If you're one who likes to have a face and voice to place with the performer/teacher, then you may want to pass this up, or prepare to press the Mute button. The effects are interesting, and will get reactions. You'll still, likely, be finding yourself scanning and skipping backwards on the disc. Not a bad deal, for the price, but Magic Makers has done better. - Nicholas Young

There is no talking on this DVD are a few gems of tricks for beginners. You will need a red blue double backer and a double faced card. They sell these decks at magic warehouse. For the sale price its ok but I would not pay full price for this or I would be disappointed. - Jason M

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