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Inside The Mind Of Garrett Thomas

Inside The Mind Of Garrett Thomas
Item Number: DV4988


Inside The Mind Of Garrett Thomas

Volume 1

Volume 2 Volume 3
  • BRASS BLOCK This one's worth the price of the entire DVD set! It's a Card to Matchbox routine with a stunning climax that will blow your spectators away. In fact, this is the one trick the studio audience kept talking about long after the shoot was over.
  • LOOK A CARD Garrett's multi-phase version of the legendary Think of a Card plot. Garrett delves into all of the dynamics and outs in great detail.
  • BALL IN BAG This isn't your grandfather's Egg Bag! A heavy steel ball inexplicably appears inside a small black bag . . . and vanishes again just as mysteriously.
  • PEN THRU QUARTER (LASER) Garrett's ultra-clean handling of the Pen Through Borrowed Quarter using a Marco Tempest idea that dramatically strengthens the routine.
  • COMBINATION LOCK � A strong and practical mental routine using an ordinary combination padlock where the spectators divine the correct combination.
  • SHARPIE SHRINK A Sharpie-brand marker visibly shrinks in size in a startling manner and is immediately handed to the spectators. If you like the Mini-Sharpies, you'll love Garrett's routine with them.

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