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Hustle by Peter Wardell
Hustle by Peter Wardell
Item Number: DV5754



Hustle by Peter Wardell

Hustle is a performance piece that looks at magic, fortune telling, card cheating and proposition bets. It ties these together with stories and characters, both real and imagined. Filmed in front of a live audience at a location in London, the performance gives an insight into the world of the one-man show.

For the first time, Peter's live performance has been recorded onto DVD. This is them followed in the studio with a detailed explanation of each routine.
Mbr> 4 ACES - A four ace production leads into a beautiful set-up for the classic McDonalds Aces.

MC DONALDS ACES - Peter's take on this classic routine.

THE ALMANAC - The Soldiers Prayer Book revisited, this is a 13-card production with meaning and a demonstration of how to make magic more entertaining. A classic lesson in showmanship and presentation.

THE GREEN BAIZE JUNGLE - One of the most unusual Gambling demonstrations you'll see. This routine includes shuffles, cuts, and deals, laced with poker lore.

THE BROAD OSSER - Three card monte with a torn corner finish. A great theatrical presenation of this street con.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 58min

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