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Gambling Moves With Cards - Simon Lovell*
Item Number: DV6724

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Gambling Moves With Cards - Simon Lovell*

Gambling Moves With Cards -  Simon Lovell*

On these DVD's sleight-of-hand expert Simon Lovell has put together an incredible collection of gambling moves and more for your learning pleasure. Everything is fully explained so that, with some practice time, you'll be able to do these moves too! The moves range from easy to knuckle-busting so there really is something for everybody! There are bonus magical moves, magical and gambling effects, and even a glimpse into Simon's gambling museum where you'll see ingenious devices from the esoteric world of the cheat! Watch, enjoy and learn from one of the very best of the best!

DVD ONE Shuffles & Cuts
3 Block Shuffle, The Zarrow Shuffle, Gambler's Zarrow Variation, Sloppy False Shuffle, Audible Shuffle, Pop-Over Shuffle, Charlier Shuffle, Push-Through-Shuffle, One Handed Riffle Shuffle, Jog Shuffle, False Chop Shuffle, Squish It Shuffle, Mahatma Control, Out of Control, Multiple Packet Cuts, Greek Cut, True Cut, Spinging the Deck, Frank Thompson False Cut, Poor Man's Hop, Riffle Cut Control, The Table Hop, Single 4-way Flourish, Riffle Stacking 101

DVD TWO Gambling Moves
Double Dealing, Push-Off 2nd Deal Explained, Second Deal Variations, Bottom Dealing, Multiple Top Changes, Side Steal, A Gambler's Move, Pick A Suit, Hand Mucking, Drawing Cards for the Muck

DVD THREE More Simon Stuff
Center Key Card, Leave It Cut, Table Hop, Poor Man's Hop, Slow-Mo Cut, Riffle Pass, Tepid Tornado, 4 AM Shuffle, Wobbly Wombat, The Pass, Gambling Museum, Prism Shoe, Check Cup, Magnetic Dice, Tops & Bottoms, The Belly Hold-Out Switcher, Belly Stripper Deck, Card Punch

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