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30 Tricks With A Stripper Deck
Item Number: DV6992



30 Tricks With A Stripper Deck

30 Tricks With A Stripper Deck

The Stripper Deck has become essential in the magician's arsenal. Join, Eddy Ray for a step by step instructional course using this amazing deck. DVD includes: Intro To Stripper Deck, Basic Handling & Shuffling Techniques, Anatomy Of Stripper Deck, Advanced Cutting Subtlety, Magician's Millennium Move, Fixing The Deck, Reversed Card To Top, The Stripper Deck Force, Hindu Shuffle Control, Pick A Card, Any Card, Gambler's Choice, Gambler's Choice Variation, Covered Vision, The Guarded Deck, Cutting The Deck, Easy Giant Fan, Color Separation, All Mixed Up, Odds And Evens, Dealing A Poker Hand, Ghostly Turnover, Picking Your Pocket, Mind Miracle, The Dream Double, Miracle Separation, Feeling The Cut, Running Gag, Sticky Situation, Rising Card Bit, One Handed Showoff, The Classic Card Reversal, Turnover Card Bet, Card On Forehead

Bicycle Size stripper deck included

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