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Sleight Of Hand Secrets With Cards - Sankey
Item Number: DV7018

4 stars


Sleight Of Hand Secrets With Cards - Sankey

Sleight Of Hand Secrets With Cards - Sankey

Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians!

Featuring 18 FULL ROUTINES and 40 SLEIGHTS, this is the ultimate introduction to peforming astounding sleight-of-hand magic with just an ordinary pack of cards!

Learn the secrets behind many of Jay Sankey's all-time favorite card miracles including dozens of changes, controls, forces, counts and vanishes! And as a very special added bonus, Jay has included TWO BONUS SECTIONS!

If you are just starting out in sleight-of-hand magic, this is the perfect DVD for you!

Two Card Transposition, Forgery, In Hands Triumph, Twirl Change, Fragile Harbor, Touch-A-Card Force, Lost & Found Aces, Carbon Paper, Selective Memory, Card On Ceiling, Double Lift Force, Just Joking, Dr.Daley's Last Card Trick, Please Don't Feed The Playing Cards, Torn & Restored Card, Deviant Behavior, Culling, The Ambitious Card, Card Case Surprise, Smuggler Aces, Impossible Transformation, Karate Card

Slip False Shuffle, Second Dealing, Top Stock False Shuffle, Rise Rise Rise, Illogical Cut, One Hand Cut, One Hand Shuffle, Two Handed Palm, Spread Control, Riffle Shuffle, Top Card Turnover, Twirl Change, Riffle Force, Double Lift Force, Touch-A-Card Force, Pinky Break, Biddle Steal, 2/4 False Count, 2/3 False Count, Rubaway Vanish, Tent Vanish, Half Pass, Turnover Pass, Culling, Erdnase-Houdini Color Change, Flustration Count, Double Lift, Tilt, Hindu Multiple Control, Hindu Shuffle, Double-Cut False Cut, Double-Cut Control, KM Move, Bluff Pass, Slip Cut, Vernon's Ambitious Bend, Topper

Five professional sleight-of-hand flourishes (so you can look like you have been handling a deck of cards for years!)

Five super-secret poker techniques including false shuffles, cuts and deals! Running Time Approximately 100min

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This is another video that falls under the heading of "must have" for the beginning card magician. A LOT of information here to keep you busy for a long time, most of which is essential for a beginner. Well taught and easy to learn from, it provides an arsenal of techniques and great tricks. Highly recommended. - Eddie Dee

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