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Expert Rope Magic -  Daryl
Expert Rope Magic - Daryl
Item Number: DV9105

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Expert Rope Magic - Daryl

Volume 1 - Everything you need to know to start on the right road to Rope Magic! Volume 6 gives you a solid working knowledge of the basics of the Expert Rope Magic; and Daryl then teaches you some of the greatest "classics of rope magic" ever created! Sections include: Basic Knots; Dissolving Knots; The Grandmother's Necklace Principle; Effects with the Wrists Tied; Do As I Do; Flourish Knots; and Cut & Restored Rope.

Volume 2 - Now that you know the basics, Volume 7 furthers your schooling with Multiple Knots; Ring and Rope Magic; Ropes Through Body Parts; Cut & Restored Rope; The Hitch Knot and Applications; Rope Penetrations; Superhuman Stunts; and Miscellaneous Rope Magic. Daryl strives to impart all of his knowledge on each and every item, giving you special tips and insights that have never before been described.

Volume 3 - Atter mastering the material Daryl teaches you on Volumes 6 and 7, you will be ready to learn more advanced rope magic, including Special Knot's; Ropes & Body Parts; Multiple Cut & Restored Ropes; Rings & Ropes; and Miscellaneous Rope Magic. Then get ready, because Daryl teaches DARYL'S ROPE ROUTINE, a complete 8-10 minute rope act that has helped make him world renown! You get a complete performance and explanation, including patter and presentation. Also included is a performance and explanation for Daryl's JUMPING KNOT OF PAKISTAN! Together, all 3 volumes of Daryl's Expert Rope Magic... Made Easy! form a lifetime of valuable reference material to always be cherished.

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