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Mental Miracles -  Cassidy
Mental Miracles - Cassidy
Item Number: DV9528




Mental Miracles - Cassidy

Bob Cassidy, one of America's foremost mentalists, has been a professional entertainer for 25 years. Author of The Art of Mentalism, a modern day classic, he has the unique ability to convince any audience that he can read their innermost thoughts. In the process he amazes and entertains them.

On this video Cassidy performs his professional show in front of an amazed audience of mentalists and then explains everything. If you ever wanted to make people believe you can read their minds, you must see this tape. Cassidy teaches many of his original routines and discusses how to structure, present and create a mind reading show.


Techniques taught:

Walsh/Koran Stack, Al Mann's Diplomental Pouch, Finger Palm, Billet Management, Information Pumping, One Ahead Principle, Shaxon Flap Envelope, Thumb Subtlety, Phone Number Deck Mnemonic, George Sands' 1-2-3 Stack, Logical Disconnect, Stand-Up False Riffle Shuffle and more.

Includes dozens of technical and psychological tips, theories and advice about prop management, pocket management, staging, checkpoints, prop construction, mnemonics, establishing actions, taking advantage of coincidence, prop selections, miscalls, billet preparation, covering of errors, precautionary measures, giving clear instructions, deck stacks, making mentalism credible, and much more.

Also includes discussions on how and why the show is structured, getting the whole audience involved, presentational ideas, patter and more. All items are easy to execute and are within anyone's reach. After watching this 90-minute tape you will want to be a Psychic Entertainer.

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