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Very Best Of Gary Ouelle
Very Best Of Gary Ouelle
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Very Best Of Gary Ouelle

3 Volume Set

He was a trusted advisor to some of magic's biggest stars. Now, see the man behind the legend and his own incredible close-up illusions.

Volume One
Volume Two

  • The opening effect is called the Photography Trick. Four Queens are cut to at random by a spectator.
  • The Two Goblets is a two-cup and ball routine with all the advantages of a three-cup routine combined with a chop cup and no disadvantages. In fact, there are no difficult moves at all. Just simple, direct and clean magic. The routine is strong and powerful.
  • Threshold has got to be the best torn and restored card effect ever. You actually tear only one card and that card is signed by the spectator and the magician. You will also learn the Ouellet Switch, a move that you will undoubtedly use in other effects.
  • The Three Ball Routine - Many experts consider this handling the prettiest of all existing routines.
  • Coin Moves - The Gallo Slide, the Visual Slide, the Table Slide, the Ultimate French Drop, the Himber Switch, the Master Switch, plus the new Wiffledust II routine.
  • Three Triumphant Cuts - One of the easiest and prettiest ways to reveal a chosen card.
  • Sloppy Triumph - The easy yet so convincing way to perform a classical effect.
    Volume Three

    The action is fast paced and an awful lot of material has been crammed into this DVD. After an introduction by Ken Krenzel and Gary Ouellet, here's what Gary will teach you:
    • The Spread Pass - Gary called this the best Pass no one ever uses! See why and learn Gary's Open Finger method.
    • Showcase - A full ten-minute commercial card act that Gary developed for paying customers.
    • The Paradise Counts - a new approach to the Elmsley Count, the Jordan Count and the Ascanio Count. No block squeeze-offs!
    • The Cabaret Force - A new card force that is truly original and deceptive.
    • The Paradox Control - The hit of Gary's lectures! You have to see the explanation to believe what really happens when you control a selected card to the top of the deck invisibly.
    • The Angle Pivot Double Lift - A natural, mechanically perfect stud double.
    • The Crook - A mechanical approach to the care and treatment of double cards, permitting an illusive Double Lift, Handover, Snap Change, Color Change, Center Double and Center Switch.
    • Migration - The late Ron Scarf gave this Collector handling to Gary shortly before he died.
    • The All-Purpose Vanish - If you can hold the object in your hand, you can vanish it. All the hints, subtleties and real work that you can never find anywhere else.
    • The Amazing Vanish - A coin is tossed up into a waiting hand and instantly is squeezed away to nothingness. What a move!
    • The There and Back Again Change - You read about it in Apocalypse, now see it performed.
    • The Infidel Change - the move to end all moves, wherein a silver coin changes to a Chinese coin, literally in mid-air (without gimmicks, of course!)
    • Flash Deck - A surprising instantaneous production of a deck of cards.
    • Super Shells - The famous three shell game including the Side Steal Sequence and the Pinky Pinch.
    • The False Cut - Great for table hopping.
    • The Force - A new visual retention force of a card including the Ken Krenzel and Steve Spillman handlings, the multiple force and multiple control adaptations, plus a great signature transposition effect.

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