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Complete Cups & Balls - Ammar
Complete Cups & Balls - Ammar
Item Number: DV9718

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Complete Cups & Balls - Ammar

The Cups & Balls is universally acclaimed as the effect which every magicianshould study. There has never been a more complete or effective way to discover the fascinating secrets of this enduring classic.

Volume 1 - Fundamental Props, Fake Transfer, The Steal, Loading (Secret/Actual/ Fake), The Inertia Move, Basic Nesting, The Super Simple Routine, Methods of Holding Out, Finger Palm, Thumb Palm, Classic Palm, Beginning Sleights,The Fake Transfer, The French Drop, Classic Pass, The Simple Transfer, Misdirecting by the Wand, Secretly Loading a Ball Into a Cup, The Tip Over Load, Loading a Nested Cup, Stealing from a Tabled Cup, Two Finger Steal, Simply Holding Inside,Stealing from Nested Cup, Little Finger Retention/Steal, Nesting Rolling Steal, and lots more ...

Volume 2 - Advanced Wand Vanishes, Through the Fist, Striking Vanish, Opening the Routine, Opening Positions,One Ahead, Two Ahead, Three Ahead, Four Ahead, Ammar's Opening Production, Methods of Misdirection, Standing or Sitting, Sleeves, Coordinated Timing of Both Hands, Timing, The Loading Hand, Holding the Cup, Ending Sequences and much more ...

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