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Enigma by MagicSmith
Enigma by MagicSmith
Item Number: DV9795

5 stars


Enigma by MagicSmith

Nicholas Night's Enigma puts a miracle at your fingertips. A crumpled bill is placed in your pocket. It immediately jumps from your pocket to a clear glass.

You pour the bill out and then slam it up through the bottom of the glass. Yes it goes up through the bottom of a solid glass. A true enigma!

Next, the spectator places her hand over the top of the glass, and the bill magically penetrates her hand and then falls into the glass! Finally, the bill vanishes and jumps back to your pocket. Everything is examinable!

Can be performed standing - no table necessary!

Nicholas Night's Enigma comes with the incredible(re-designed) Enigma gimmick, complete instructions

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I have been familiar of Nicholas’s Enigma for many many years and in fact performed it at the bar fairly regularly for a while. MagicSmith has produced an updated version with an improved gimmick and has included a DVD.

The effect is straight forward, a borrowed bill penetrates through the bottom of a glass. On paper this might not seem dramatic, but when performed in front of a live audience, the effect is nothing short of jaw dropping. It is a very clean illusion that is completely deceptive.

The new gimmick makes this extremely easy to set up and carry with you. The handling will take only a couple of minutes of practice, and you will be performing it like a pro. There is a reason this trick has been a favorite among professional magicians for over 20 years.

This trick has returned to my performing set and, like I said, the new gimmick is fantastic. If you are looking for a trick to fool your friends, or a seemingly impromptu trick to perform at bars or restaurants, you will not be disappointed with Enigma.

It is always fun to be reintroduced to a great trick - Jon Jensen

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