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Messina Fully Loaded (Bundle of 8 Books) by Jason Messina eBook DOWNLOAD
Messina Fully Loaded (Bundle of 8 Books) by Jason Messina eBook DOWNLOAD
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Messina Fully Loaded (Bundle of 8 Books) by Jason Messina eBook DOWNLOAD
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This bundle includes the following works:

TUBE 2, TUBE 3, The Perfect Response, Mental Zen, Future Forces, MI2, Method Impossible and Wi

For a limited time, get all of these ebooks by Jason Messina at the exclusive price of $25.

Here's what you'll learn after reading all 8 books:.

TUBE 2 - Learn how to use Twitter to create predictions about nearly anything. Armed with this secret technique, you can predict the future and watch as your predictions go viral on Twitter.

TUBE 3 - Predict thoughts, selections, elections, sporting events and much more months in advance of your performance using YouTube. It has been performed on radio, used as publicity stunts and was even featured at the Essential Magic Conference.

THE PERFECT RESPONSE - With the Perfect Response, you'll learn a surefire technique for making predictions using email. This is another gem of an idea that once you set-up, you can use at a moment's notice. Doesn't use stooges or any kind of cuing and is foolproof.

MENTAL ZEN - This ebook takes a reliable technique of mentalism and throws it into the blender allowing you to perform all the classics of mentalism at a moments notice without any props and virtually no sleight of hand.

You'll learn the following effects and ideas from Mental Zen:

FUTURE FORCES - This is a crazy idea that you will want to use to fry your friend's minds. Takes an impossible event and break it down into something practical that you will want to do and leave your friends experiencing a twisted reality. Easy to do, but do you have the guts? Also includes a brief but important discussion of the flow state and how you can develop it.

MI2 - In this book, you'll learn the following routines and ideas: METHOD IMPOSSIBLE - This is the underground classic that started it all. Everyone said the effects couldn't possibly be done. Until people started doing them. There are so many ideas packed into this little manuscript. Here's all the info you need to know about this one: Impossibilities made possible, ideas made real. The mind set of someone who creates magic is a unique one. It certainly has uses that extend far beyond magic. Ideas float through our heads all day long. You can create original, beautiful and completely impossible magic. This little manuscript was built out of that. The notion that you could do anything. That no method was out of the question and no effect couldn't be accomplished. People began to talk a lot about what came next. The impossible is hard to believe, especially when it's true. The ideas, routines and methods are meant to collide with your thoughts - head on. The intent is to cause some friction with your own ideas, stretch them out a little. The friction is meant to create sparks of new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of seeing the world, to push you over the edge and off the cliff. Once there, it's up to you to explore. All you have to do is look around.

Contents: Method Impossible is by far Jason Messina's most "progressive" little booklet to date. As such, this will not be for everyone. If you're looking for tricks to add to your repertoire tomorrow or easy plug and play routines then this certainly is NOT for you. If you like to think about magic, if you like to explore ideas, if you want his take on how the creative process works then you'll love this. The important thing is and has always been, the ideas.

So what Jason Messina has presented here is a collection of ideas to spark further thought and consideration. This is not an ebook for the lazy magician or passive thinker.

To not disappoint the ones who do like new routines and the like, Jason Messina has tipped his hand on The Accidental Coin Vanish (the only coin trick he does) and the simple little nuances that make it so strong and bring it out of the realm of finger flicking. The psychology is the thing here. He has gotten everything from jobs to dates from this simple juxtaposition of basic coin magic.

Throughout Method Impossible is Jason Messina's plight to figure out how to accomplish an impossible illusion and the end results. He has also introduced his friend Horatio Jones, who some of you may know. Thankfully, this is not the last you'll be hearing from him. He has much wisdom to share with us and has agreed to put some of his thoughts down in the near future.

Then there is Jason Messina's secret little pet handling of PK Touches. Several mentalists begged him to not put this in as they wanted to keep it to themselves. It has led to repeat bookings and viral publicity for those he has previously shared it with. It can be applied to most magic you do and a whole book could be written on the subject. Here Jason Messina has given you all you need to start using it immediately. You will need Banachek's original routine if you want to use it with PK Touches.

There are essays on ideas, where they come from, tips on how to generate your own and some really off the wall handlings and routines that border on performance art. The Mental Midget was originally published in the first issue of Magician Magazine and has been revamped and improved for Method Impossible.

Jason Messina took a Paul Harris conversation from the Edge and pulled it back just slightly onto stable ground. It still teeters on the edge but the routine is a ton of fun to perform. It's called Split Tunnel Vision.

Oh, and then there's the Kidnapped Princess, a piece that takes the Princess trick and uses people instead of cards and smashes it into a presentation using a kidnapping for a truly strange performance piece. The idea can also be used with other non-human things.

WI - You write something down on a piece of paper, give it to a spectator and ask them what kind of food they would eat if they could eat anything. They say French food. When they open up the paper there is a phone number written on it. You tell them to call the number. When they do they reach a French restaurant. A real French restaurant, not your friend trying to pretend to be a French restaurant! It's really that simple and can be adapted to tons of different types of predictions. This is more of a principle than a straight trick. And the great thing is you don't need a secret assistant to pull this off, ever. You can use this to predict almost anything in the world that has a phone number. Nothing is ever written down by the spectator. No nail-writing, no pre-show, no switches, no peeks, no magnets, no mirrors, no thread, no carbon paper, no double writing, no multiple outs, no dual reality, no sleights, no stooges, and no secret assistants.

As a bonus to Wi, Jason Messina is including his updated version of the Annemann classic, Voodoo, appropriately titled wiDoo. A personal item gets transported from a secret hiding place in someone's home to a freely selected stranger's house. No duplicate items, no sleight of hand, works every time and there is irrefutable proof of the impossible. wiDoo is Voodoo on acid.

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