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Ring In Salt
Ring In Salt
Item Number: ED1959



Ring In Salt

Ring In Salt is a classic effect! This is a close-up effect which creates sensation everywhere. Show a piece of rope and let a spectator thread his finger ring on the rope. Close your hand around the ring and rope. The spectator ties the ends of the rope together to make it impossible for the ring to come off. Give the spectator a salt shaker and ask him to pour a little "magic salt" on your closed hand. He holds his other hand under yours to catch the ring, when it is released, open your hand, and the ring is gone! The spectator, still holding the salt shaker, is asked to unscrew the cap and pour out the salt. HE FINDS HIS RING IN THE SALT!! A fantastic effect! The ring is not switched and it is the same ring which was thread on the rope just a moment before! Complete with precision made apparatus, rope and routine.

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