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Ziggy The Zebra
Ziggy The Zebra
Item Number: FL6802



Ziggy The Zebra

Ziggy, the Zebra, is shown on a picture approx. 15x12 inches. He lives at the zoo with his friend Balduin, who is a zoo keeper. Like all the other zebras, Ziggy has black and white stripes. In the evenings, Ziggy sometimes entertains his friend with a very puzzling trick.

It's like this: As soon as the zebra comes out of his enclosure (a fence, now seen empty), he changes into a red and white striped zebra. Has Ziggy eaten too many carrots? A little bit of the picture can be seen the whole time just above the fence. When Balduin quickly looks again, Ziggy has changed again to black and white stripes which is as it should be.

Ziggy changes once again, and now the kids know how it is done The magician is simply turning the picture around together with the fence. The kids demand the picture be turned round. Now starts the age-old game. Performer turns Ziggy every which way but the way the kids want.

"I can't do that because I think you think there is a red zebra on the back!". "And you know what, I think you are right." The picture is turned round and the children see – a green zebra. Shrieks of laughter.

You can now profit from a children's illusion that has been presented more than a thousand times and steadily improved in the process.

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