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Money Mystery Box

Money Mystery Box
Item Number: KE2277



Money Mystery Box

Place a small wooden box down on the table. Borrow a dollar bill from a spectator and have him sign it with a magic marker. Fold it up as you ask, "Is this the dollar bill you gave me?" When he confirms, say "Thanks!" and put it in your pocket.

Continue, "You can have your dollar back, or you can trade it for what's inside the box." Point to the wooden box resting on the table. What ever he chooses he's in for a shock...

Slowly reach over with your empty hand and bring the box over to the spectator. "Please remove the lid." He does so and sees a folded bill inside. Dump it out and let him unfold it - it's his signed bill! The walnut box can be handled by the spectator but he won't find a clue to the mystery.

The Money Mystery Box seems impossible because no one went anywhere near the box. And it's easy to do with no sleight-of-hand necessary. Any USA paper currency will work. $1 bills, $20 bills, even $100 bills - you name it!

Money Mystery Box comes complete with the beautifully crafted walnut box, routine, and other related ideas by John Kennedy.

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