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Prediction  Mystery Box - John Kennedy

Prediction Mystery Box - John Kennedy
Item Number: KE2279



Prediction Mystery Box - John Kennedy

Place a small wooden box down on the table. Say to one of your spectators, "I'd like you to help me. Please think of any city in the world. It can be a city that you have visited or one that you have only heard of." Pause for a few seconds and continue, "Please name the city." Let's assume that he answers, "Paris." Concentrate for a few seconds, then remark, "I knew that!"

After the groans subside, explain "Obviously there is no way that I could know for sure what city you were thinking of, because there are thousands of cities in the world. But I am able to make more simple predictions. Allow me to demonstrate." Bring out a deck of cards and a small pad of paper. Write something on the pad and then tear off the paper, fold it, and place it down on the table. Say, "I have just predicted what is about to occur."

Ask the spectator to cut the deck anywhere he likes. Have him turn over the card that he cut to so that everyone can see it. Now ask him to unfold and read your prediction out loud. The prediction matches his card! This is a good trick, but now for the best part...

"You might be wondering what this small wooden box is for. Earlier I wrote something down and put it inside the box." Reach over with your empty hand and bring the box over to your spectator. Ask him to remove the lid. Everyone will see a folded piece of paper inside. Dump it out and ask him to unfold it and read it. "You were thinking of Paris." Your prediction will be correct every time! And you aren't limited to predicting a city - you can predict any person, place, or thing!

The Prediction Mystery Box is one of the most baffling and clean predictions in magic. No nail writers or sleight-of-hand are needed. You can use your own deck of cards and pad of paper because they are completely ordinary. The walnut box can also be handled by the spectator but he won't find a clue to the mystery!

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