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Broken & Restored Cigarette
Broken & Restored Cigarette
Item Number: KE2951



Broken & Restored Cigarette

Looking for a highly visual, completely impromptu effect that is nearly angle-proof? Look no further than John Kennedy's "Visual Broken & Restored Cigarette."

John has used this as one of his staple impromptu effects for nearly 20 years. Many professional magicians consider it to be the best and most practical effect of its kind. Very few have ever learned the proper handling. Now that has all changed. John has decided to release this gem on a video CD-ROM that will play on your PC or MAC computer. John teaches you the complete handling for both phases of the routine. In the second phase, the spectator's borrowed cigarette is broken in half and then the pieces restore themselves in midair, landing on his hand! Your audience will talk about this one for a long time!

NOTE: Visual Broken & Restored Cigarette now comes with the "dura-feke" gimmick. Just carry this custom molded, hand painted gimmick in your pocket and you're ready for action!

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