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Mini Silk Cabby & Frame
Mini Silk Cabby & Frame
Item Number: LB1552




Mini Silk Cabby & Frame

A wooden box (frame) with a large door on the front is opened. Inside is a metal rod going through thecenter. The door is closed and a small wooden box (cabby) is now shown. This box has doors on the frontand back and both are opened so you can see completely through. Each side of the box has a holeand a silk is pushed through to prove it leads directly inside the box. Now you close both doors and push three silks inside from either of the holes. The doors are opened and the box is empty. The silks have vanished! The large door on the frame is now opened and the three silksare seen tied to the metal bar! A teriffic value. The frame is 10" by 7" and the box is 4" by 5". Comes with silks.

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