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Confetti Bowls
Confetti Bowls
Item Number: LB3452



Confetti Bowls

Two white bowls are shown. One is filled to the brim with confetti the other is empty.

The empty bowl is placed mouth down over the confetti filled bowl. A magic pass is made and the two bowls are separated to show the confetti is gone now there is a live dove in the bowl.If you do not have a dove you can produce spring flowers, silk streamers or what every your imagination can come up with.The possibilities are truly endless. And to top it all off it super easy to do.

The bowls are approximately 8 inches in diameter and 3 � inches in height. Manufactured in lightweight but very strong aluminum and painted porcelain white.

From a short distance they look just like two porcelain soup bowls making for a very innocent prop.

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