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Item Number: LB4765




Anytime during your show you take off your coat, let it hang casually over your shoulder and throw your tie backwards over the opposite shoulder.
A split second later the tie rises above your shoulder and... it's alive!
It can dance, sing and even find a card chosen by a spectator!
At the end of this routine you put the tie in its original position, put on your coat and continue with your act.

Supplied with a tie which can be easily adapted by any tie of your preference.
It's a must have for MCs, corporate performers, for ventriloquism, to sing along, to tell jokes.
It's one of those tricks where the only limit is your own imagination.

Customer Reviews Write a review.

I love the effect, it does take some time getting use to control the tie but it is worth the effort. It brings smiles to everyone who sees it. - James T Harris

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