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Dove Crusher

Dove Crusher
Item Number: LB7061



Dove Crusher

The effect includes the box, stand and table top. All are attached together, and is deceptively made so as to be able to place parts of the dove into the stand and table top.


On the magician's table rests a small long box made of three sections. The left/right sections are movable and the center section is stationary. The box appears to be large enough to hold only one dove! The Magician opens the door and places a dove inside. Both left and right sections of the box are pushed into the middle, compressing the box to a small cube! Now 5 silver spikes are driven through the little cube...the dove has apparently vanished! All is reversed and the dove is produced, alive and well.

Dimensions Approximately 32 3/4" x 13 3/4" (83.2cm x 35cm)

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