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Crazy Mans Marked Deck
Crazy Mans Marked Deck
Item Number: LP2135



Crazy Mans Marked Deck

The magician explains that he developed a unique card-marking system that can only be sensed by certain "gifted" people. A spectator is handed a deck and asked to remember any card they see. Taking back the deck, the spectator names their thought-of card and the magician retrieves it from the deck. Turning the card over it is seen to have a bold black mark depicting the number and suit of the card! Explaining that since some people have trouble seeing the mark he did something else to make it stand out a little. Their card has a red back but the rest of thedeck is shown to be all blue!

Includes Special, Hand-Made Deck That Makes This Almost Self-Working and Instruction Booklet Fully Illustrated by Tony Dunn

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