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Times For A Change
Times For A Change
Item Number: LP2603




Times For A Change

Two jumbo playing cards are introduced and shown on both sides. One card is red, the other is black. So far, everything is completely fair. The magician wraps the red card in a sheet of newspaper and hands it to a spectator on his left. The black card is wrapped in a different sheet and handed to a spectator on his right. Everything is still on the up and up. But then, with a magical motion, the cards are removed from the paper. They have changed places! Something amazing definitely happened. Remember, the spectators are nowhere near each other when the cards are shown to have changed places. The papers can be examined. There's nothing to find. In fact, they may be borrowed. The cards can be shown both front and back at the end of the trick. There's nothing to see there, either. The trick looks clean and is easy to do. It's perfect for stand-up and kid-show performers. Made in Europe.

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