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Mogar Stag Sensation
Mogar Stag Sensation
Item Number: LP3099



Mogar Stag Sensation

Joe Mogar manufactures the finest color-changing knives available, specially manufactured with exacting detail to make any routine you perform with them easier and amazing. This set includes knives with the new stag handles, perfectly balanced for the secret move and make it a simple matter to quickly reach into your pocket and remove the knife with the proper side showing.

A black knife vanishes, then reappears inside the magician's pocket. The knife magically changes to white, then back to the original black. Another white knife is then displayed and the two change places twice! Additional black and white knives are brought into play which also mysteriously change places. One black and one white knife are then set aside and finally the remaining white knife changes into beautiful rainbow colors!

Comes complete with 1 white knife, 1 black "stag" handle knife, 1 white/black stag knife, 1 white/rainbow knife, velvet drawstring pouch and detailed instructions for the above routine.

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