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Totally Impossible Card Revelation
Totally Impossible Card Revelation
Item Number: LP4757



Totally Impossible Card Revelation

This is Barrie's favorite mind-reading effect using a deck of cards.

A person thinks of a card, and the performer discovers its identity in a dramatic fashion. What makes this demonstration different from other card discoveries is that it can be done with a borrowed deck without any handling of the cards by the performer.

The revelation of the "thought-of card" is presented in such a fashion that everyone present believes they are witnessing an actual demonstration of thought transference.

The method used for this modest miracle, like many memorable effects in magic, is simple. Yet, the performer must be able to control the situation without the appearance of doing so, and he must be able to dramatize his apparent ability to receive the mental thoughts of a person. Totally Impossible Card Revelation allows you to do just that.

This might be one of the most enigmatic demonstrations of thought transference that you will ever do! Comes complete with fully detailed instructions from Barrie himself plus the special gimmick that makes it all work.

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