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The Lecture Compendium - Bernstein
The Lecture Compendium - Bernstein
Item Number: MA7185



The Lecture Compendium - Bernstein

In the author's words
Putting together this "compendium" of many of my favorite lecture items has not been the easiest of tasks. The material in this book dates from well over twenty years ago to some of my most recent ideas, and has been drawn from many different sets of notes, booklets, and pamphlets. I've tried to both keep the material as close to how it originally appeared while also attempting to create a cohesive style and look for this book. When appropriate, I've corrected some early typos, and have added some hints and touches that I've developed over the years as well.

But it also was a lot of fun going back over the years to see how my thinking has changed (or sometimes stayed the same!) and reliving the many enjoyable and interesting times I’ve spent lecturing for groups all across the country.

As in my "actual" lectures, I've endeavored to include "something for everyone." I sincerely hope you'll find this eclectic collection of items to be practical, deceptive, and most of all, entertaining.

Here's a listing of and the original sources for the items I'm including in


Symbolic Match, Utility Mental Routine, Impromptu Number Prediction, Pennies From Heaven, Personal Attachment, A Few Thoughts on Magicians and Mentalists, Cold Reading, and You Are What Eats You. (from GOING SOUTH WITH HIS SECRETS - now out of print)

I've Got Your Number (a separate booklet, now out of print.)
The Lazy Man's Prediction (a separate booklet, now out of print.)
Three Card Monte (a separate booklet, now out of print.)
Billets: Three Rationales (Mindvention '06 lecture notes, now out of print)
Color Changing Knives (a separate booklet, now out of print.)
Psych - Out (a separate book, now out of print.)
Four Card Prediction and What's in a Name? are appearing in print for the first time.

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