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Tossed Out Book
Tossed Out Book
Item Number: ME6046



Tossed Out Book

Imagine Tossing a book into the audience. Five different spectators turn to five different pages in the book. There are no force of the pages. Each spectator is asked to read a paragraph from the top of the page or the bottom of the page. They are to read this silently to themselves. You begin to concentrate and without ever touching the book you are able to tell each spectator what they are thinking. Sound Impossible? This is just the beginning!

The Tossed out Book is the first of its kind on the Market. Not only can you do the tossed out book effect but you can hand the book to one spectator, have them to open the book to any page. They then read the top paragraph and you can immediately tell them what they have read about. You can even have them to change their mind and flip to the next page. You can do the tossed out book for 1 to 10 spectators. Order today. Price is subject to change without notice.

This is the book everyone has been waiting for. Get yours today!

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