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Wicked Book Test
Wicked Book Test
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Wicked Book Test

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Three Miracles in One!

Two Years in the making.

The two books included contain several different, well concealed, and deceptive methods to reveal a thought of word. Each approach is different to confound the 'knowledgeable' spectator... before they can come up with a solution, you move on to a different method that completely obliterates their line of thinking!

The Wicked Book Test uses letter frequency fishing, a rhyme scheme, homonyms, and a diabolical use of the UF Grant "long word" principle as well as several other ingenious concepts, all re-created to bring this book test into the 21st Century!

The books are designed to withstand normal inspection without revealing the secrets adroitly hidden within the pages! The basic routine contains three effects which can be done with either book. There’s a bonus effect which uses both books for a stand-alone routine.

Finally, a third book is included which is a completely different three phase book test. Its cover matches one of the books for the Wicked Book Test exactly, allowing a switch of the books for some very sneaky purposes.

Two instruction books by Dennis Loomis are included. They are among the most complete and thorough instructions ever written.

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