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Inter-Net Bag
Inter-Net Bag
Item Number: MI2203




Inter-Net Bag

The most unbelievable see-through forcing bag ever conceived.Imagine you give a spectator a newspaper. He himself tears the complete newspaper into small pieces. He himself puts the torn pieces into the EMPTY SEE-THROUGH NET BAG. He himself mixes up all the pieces. He himself chooses one single piece of torn newspaper, and chooses a word or line from it. You, the magician, can reveal exactly what is written on this small piece of torn newspaper!!

This is only one stunning effect you can do with this unbelievable INTER-NETBAG�, but read on�The performer never touches the object, yet THE FAIRLY CHOSEN KEY WILL BE THE ONLY KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK THE LOCK!The performer never touches the object, yet YOU CAN PREDICT THE NUMBER ON THE FREELY SELECTED NOTE!

This is a MUST for any performing magician. From children's entertainer to the serious mentalist. From a close-up artist to a stage performer.It is so clever you will wonder how you managed without it so far.
The INTER-NETBAG is absolutely SEE-THROUGH, yet it will help you force nearly any item you wish.
Comes complete with full instructions and routines from the creative mind of Guy Bavli.

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