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X-Ray Blindfold - Powell
X-Ray Blindfold - Powell
Item Number: MI5025



X-Ray Blindfold - Powell

This blindfold is manufactured from solid metal. There are no pinholes or fakes of any kind used. The Blindfold may be thoroughly examined by the spectators, yet when the metal mask is placed over the performer"s eyes, he can see!

Even with the solid metal material blocking his vision, he is able to carry out many stunning effects. If desired, a piece of material may be tied around the eyes before the metal mask is placed into position. Despite all this, he can still see!

The method is both simple and subtle. A few trials will convince you that this in not only one of the most effective blindfolds in the world, it is also the easiest to work as there are literally no fakes, switches or special moves of any kind.

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