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Gold & Silver
Gold & Silver
Item Number: MM2417

5 stars


Gold & Silver

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Show two coins, a gold & silver. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one and place it in your pocket. Open your hand and both coins are still there! Repeating this several times, the coins continue to magically reappear! Finally your hand is opened and both coins have vanished!

These beautiful coins are replicas of ancient roman coins. Since they are not specific to modern currency they are appropriate for renaissance period performers as well as those of you outside the United States who would like gimmicked coins that aren't made from U.S. money.

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This variation of the 'hopping halves' type of illusion is a very well made alternative to the usual props (typically Kennedy half and English Penny), especially since those coins aren't used that much anymore in public transactions. In other words, even Kennedy halves and English pennies in these modern times are seen as unique and untypical when presented to the general public, so it's not unexpected for them being seen as magic props. These Roman-looking coins are gorgeous, precision made and eye catching. The gold and silver coins are bright and reflective and have a weight to them like real coins would have. For the price these are a good value and recommended for a fun alternative. - Jack McCoy

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