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Destiny Response
Destiny Response
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Destiny Response

The premise of this work is all about the participant and their inner psychological experience, where their thoughts feel inevitable as they freely arrive and are mysteriously shared with the psychic entertainer without manipulation and resistance. This naturally builds a bond and a connection, one that is long remembered. The book is complete with the history of the premise, theory, language, presentations, effects to perform, as well as the examples you need to then apply the approach to your own ESP, mindreading type work.

The "hypnotic" influence of my teacher's teacher Dr. Milton H. Erickson will be showcased even including some very rare photos of him I guarantee will be new to you. I'll even show you what clients in my office look at moments before they go into a lovely eyes-opened (formal) "trance" for the very first time. No, of course it isn't that silly old hypno-spiral. Find out from a real hypnosis professional some of the technical secrets we use and depend on that are applicable to performing mentalism.

If you want to communicate more effectively with a participant, you want to buy and learn to elicit The Destiny Response. Early drafts were endorsed by Larry Becker, Barrie Richardson, Banachek, and others. Foreword by Bruce Bernstein. The book is on heavy laser paper with a glossy color cover, 52 pgs. Guys, I put my soul into these pages!

"Richard's new "The Destiny Response" is outstanding. A seminal work on approaching the Holy Grail of mentalism ... creating the illusion of "the real thing." If I could speak like Richard writes, I'd be a true mindreader. I heartily add my highest recommendation, not that Richard needs it. Anything he puts his mind to is first class and an important addition to mentalism literature." - Larry Becker

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